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About Us

About Us

Patti Keating is passionate about empowering purpose-driven coaches to create freedom in their lives and the lives of those they reach, by sharing their gifts.

She mentors caring, high-achieving coaches who are growing a business or transitioning from corporate, to discover and unleash their true purpose by designing a meaningful PURPOSE-To-PROFIT™ business, that transforms lives. 

Patti believes that self-expression and freedom are the keys to not only an authentic life but a life that makes a difference in the world.

Discover and unleash your PURPOSE-To-PROFIT™. 

Design your unique offerings and signature system for your programs, talks, and events.

Create a highly-aligned mindset that pulls you to your vision.

Manifest what you want regardless of your circumstances.

Her degrees in Marketing, Finance, Computer Science, combined with her Coaching certification from IPEC along with her work designing coaching certification programs with Coachville gives her the tools to help women align with their greatest version of themselves and make money doing exactly what they are here to do, express their gifts and change lives.

Patti has been a certified Coach and Mentor for 15 years and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs align with their purpose, manifest their PURPOSE-To-PROFIT business and change lives.


If you are wondering what's not working in your business, or feel like it's time to start your business, but not sure what to do, lean in and unlock to your PURPOSE -TO-PROFIT™ Code.

When you know that you are meant for more, and you are ready to create a clear plan to reach your vision.

When you are feeling the frustration of not expressing your gifts, yet you know there is greatness inside, or ready to take the leap but unsure of the steps to get there, you might be tired of trying things that simply don't work and not getting results.

 Talk to us, we have solutions. 




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