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Darla LeDoux | Business Coaching Entrepreneur | Podcast

Ep #56: Darla LeDoux

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2018

Darla LeDoux, founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs and Creator of Retreat and Grow Rich™, is a recovering engineer turned business coach, committed to supporting women on a mission to create a simple multi-six figure business using small retreats. Darla added an additional 6-figures each year in revenue for 6 years straight in business while hosting just a few retreats each year.

She teaches her clients how to adapt this strategy to their unique audience, message, and approach. They create marketing that speaks to the heart of the right people, and deliver high level results in a structure that leverages their time. If you love seeing your clients transform as a result of working with you, and your intuitive gifts come to life when in person leading a room, small retreats with big impact may be for you!


Darla was trained as a coach while she was employed as a chemical engineer, and loved everything about it. She began studying to be a professional coach after that. It wasn’t until her step-father’s passing, she decided that she needed to take action and pursue her career as a coach.  


Darla faced many challenges. To her, not trusting herself was one of the biggest challenges she faced. She reached out to others since she was so unsure of herself and realized that they could not  provide her the answers she was looking for. It had to come from her. 

Overcoming Challenge:

In order to pursue the career path she want to follow, Darla had to face a few challenges early on. Since she had decide that this was here calling, it was necessity that moved her to overcome her trust issues and fear.  


Darla is passionate about hosting small retreats, since that’s the number one way she has grown her business. To her, live retreats are the best was to connect and get to know her clients well. She is passionate about this journey to help other people create and have transformed life experiences.


Over the next few years, Darla sees herself in creating a group of the best transformational leaders and like-mind service providers.


Darla has many important pieces of advice for entrepreneurs. First is to operate and invest from where you are going, rather tight from where you are or where you’ve been. She also believes that we will never feel ready for what is calling us. You have to act before you feel ready.   

Personal Growth: 

The biggest aspect of her own personal growth is that she nows is able to follow what her internal spirit has in store for herself.  

Blogs, Books & Podcasts:  
Looking Back:

Looking back, Darla would tell herself to fail and fail faster. She would also tell herself to relax, since you are just collecting experiences right now that’s helping us grow and mature.   

Interview Links:

Found out more about Darla LeDoux at Aligned Entrepreneurs  You can also get a free guide from Darla at Retreat Revenue Roadmap  

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