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Nina Roberts | Business Coaching Entrepreneur | Podcast

Ep #52: Nina Roberts

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2018

Nina combines her 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and her extensive knowledge of sales and business to support female business owners and entrepreneurs. She is the founder, CEO & Host of Women With Brilliance, an ICF Certified Coach, Speaker, author/publisher, and has been featured on Blog Talk radio and as a television spokesperson on KATU’s AM Northwest. Nina is passionate about helping women gain insight, knowledge and confidence to make a big difference and a big profit.  


While Nina was working in other businesses, she was trying to find a career which she was truly passionate about. She was inspired by her coaches and mentors during this process, and it was only after her husband become seriously ill, did she realize that she needed to follow her true passion and dream which was to coach, lead and empower women entrepreneurs. 


One of the biggest challenges she faced was her own personal fear of succeeding and the interference of negative people and those not supportive of her work and direction. 

Overcoming Challenges:

Nina found that she needed to surround herself with the right people, but also need to work on herself to make it happen. She needed personal and profession development and growth and found that in her coaches and mentors and by doing a lot of self-help and growth reading. 


Nina is very passionate about her family, including her grandchildren, but also very excited to empower women entrepreneurs and to be able to bring them the knowledge, information and experience that she has personally gone through during her career.


Some of the best advice she uses is from books she has read.  In one book, this quote stood out to her. It said, “…Your income can only grow to the extent that you do.” Additionally, she follows the quote, “be slow to hire and quick to fire” as it pertains to building a team for your business.

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Looking Back:

Looking back, Nina would tell her younger self to not wait or use excuses, but do it now - take action now.

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Find out more about Nina Roberts on Facebook and on her websites, Women With Brilliance and Nina Roberts.  

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